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Mold Removal

Mold Removal

We will take care of everything and in the end your home or office will shine like a brand new one.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our Westlake Village Residential Carpet Cleaning is a residential carpet cleaning service along with many other kinds of services.

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Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Our company has many services to offer with regards to tile cleaning. We have got different packages from residential tile cleaning to commercial tile cleaning.

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Carpet cleaning at affordable price

A compilation of questions and answers for all your carpet needs. Find out everything in these FAQs.

What are the advantages of handmade rugs?

Oriental rugs are spectacular. They beautify homes. Every one of them is one of a kind since they are handmade and made by natural products. For this reason, specialists at Carpet Cleaning Westlake Village recommend using mild soaps for rug cleaning. They can be carried and, hence, can be placed anywhere you want whenever you want. In case of water damage, they can be lifted from the floor and left to dry outside.

Should you remove furniture when doing carpet cleaning?

According to Carpet Cleaning Westlake Village, whether you perform do-it-yourself carpet cleaning, or get assistance from professionals, you need to carefully move light furniture like coffee tables, sofas, chairs and other objects, so it will be easier to perform carpet-cleaning tasks.

Can I combine carpets with handmade rugs?

You can do amazing combinations with wall-to-wall carpets and oriental rugs. You can create a beautiful corner in front of the desk of your office or fireplace but experts of Carpet Cleaning Westlake Village remind you to place fire protection. You can protect the carpet in the kitchen with bamboo made rugs. You can even put Persian rugs on the wall or on tables. The choices are not limited and it would depend on your imagination and taste.

Is it necessary to use environmentally-friendly cleaning products?

Currently, there are no laws that compel anyone to use sustainable or environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning products. However, according to the carpet cleaning experts in Westlake Village, it is always preferable to be responsible and to avoid the use of cleaning agents that may damage the environment. The use of strong cleaning chemicals can contaminate the soil and groundwater reserves.

How should I choose handmade rugs?

First of all, you must make sure you're buying real handmade oriental rugs. They must have many knots, no machine stiches and their weaving must finish with the fringes. If you want to invest in your warmth, Carpet Cleaning Westlake Village would recommend wool rugs. If you want rugs just for appearances, invest in silk rugs.

I can't remove my carpet stains. What to do?

Carpet stains can be due to a lot of reasons, including spilled liquid, food, animal excretion, dirt, and dust. If you can't remove any of these stains, it is time that you call expert carpet cleaning people in Westlake Village for quality and professional services.

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